Title: JAVAONE 2010 Day 5 S314154 - Writing Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs), Using Groovy
Speakers: Paul King, ASERT, Brisbane, Australia


There have been final technical sessions of conference, which are boring, uninspirational, lack lustré and boring. Let me assure you this technical session by Paul King, Groovy enthusiast, was exceptionable for a technical excellence and communicating information. If you are thinking about building Domain Specific Languages in Groovy and indeed in any other JVM language then this was one definitely worth a look. Paul King had a lot of slides and lots of knowledge and one can see that he does this presenting "thing" for living.

The session began by explaining some of the features of the Groovy in comparison to stock Java. As JVM language, dynamic in all of its beauty, Groovy has a high degree of ease-of-development. It has closures and a meta object programming model. Indeed, Paul King spent a lot of time describing Groovy Recipes or fast pace chuck of Groovy in Action before he got the MOP and DSL. Admittedly, if Groovy beginners or even intermediate may have required this quick refresher on concepts.

In general Paul King explained the three ways to create a DSL in Groovy: one can write a builder in the same way as XML or Html builder, one can take advantage of the Expando objects and then create Categories to simulate natural language behaviour and, probably for the advance developer, look at AST transformation.



Thanks to Sun Oracle for the venue, hosting and facilities




Produced by Peter A. Pilgrim
Java Champion, Designer, Developer and Architect, London, England. Supporting clients, professionally, with Java SE and EE, Scala, Groovy and JavaFX



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