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Animation made by 22 8y old pupils in an Italian Elementary School, during Music and Art classes.
Drawings and music are 100% children made. The production lasted the entire school year.

Chiarastella (bright star) is an Italian tradition. Few days before Christmas the children go singing Christmas carols to the neighbors, with a home made lantern, often shaped like a star. The better they sing the more money they receive.
Since the introduction of English in the Elementary curriculum (90s) the Chiarastella has gradually being replaced by Halloween's Trick'O'Treat.

In this little animated story the kids sing the traditional carol of the Venice region, in Venetian dialect.

Watch the production documentary "The making of Chiarastella" at vimeo.com/5177911.

This video is edited with Free Open Source Software only.
It's published with a Creative Commons License.

Primo premio - Concorso Internazionale di multimedialità VIDEOCINEMA&SCUOLA 08-09 (Pordenone)
Secondo Premio Corti in Creative Commons - Copyleft Festival 2008 (Arezzo, Italy)
Menzione Speciale - Festival Immagina - scuola e cinema giovani 2009 (Leinì, Torino)

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