Jasper Hall is a 16 year old close knit intentional community (est 1995), certified organic (survival) farm (16ha) and accredited permaculture teaching venue. We are in the breathtaking Upper Coopers Creek valley in the Byron Bay hinterland, northern NSW, Australia. Coopers Creek forms the western boundary of the property.

We are a secular and egalitarian community, dedicated to communal living with no direct ideology but encompassing all aspects of global knowledge. We believe in sharing resources as a group rather than traditional models of personal and intellectual ownership.
The land of Jasper Hall has transformed over the last 16 years from a weed infested run down landscape, to (now) a garden of Eden. We have well-established orchards, containing around 60 different species, around 500 fruit trees that bear a great diversity of fruit all year around. We are blessed to live in the sub-tropics where we can grow probably the greatest variety of food in the world. We have some of the best soil in Australia, plenty of rain, great north facing topography, physical seclusion and a creek that never dries, with a beautiful swimming hole (sacred Aboriginal birthing ground) and waterfalls.

Andi Islinger, who started Jasper Hall has had 26 years of intentional community living and has ever since worked on developing replicable models.
The key focus for us are people and communication, these are the foundations for everything else to fall into place. More than 170.000 hours have been gifted to this project.

Over the years 19 buildings have been constructed to accommodate up to 50 people on the 40 acre farm and cater for all activities needed to survive if need be without outside influences.

We are clarifying goals and visions, but hold no dogmas.
All aspects of the development have been meticulously recorded in digital formats, presentations, time lapse, databases, spreadsheets, images and film.
We play, learn and teach various projects that include community development, agriculture (bamboo, orchard, nursery, rainforest rehabilitation), building and technology, maintenance, community & micro-economic business development and multi-media. Activities are based on what is needed by ‘us’ as a community, by mother earth itself and by the wider community. We share most meals which forms a cornerstone of our community vision. We are working towards income sharing opportunities for our members.

We are a community that is working with goals and visions, but without holding any dogmas.

We seek wisdom, strength and financial support to create the foundations for a sustainable replicable venture.

We are always looking for skilled hands on people, experienced in communal living.
Committed, self motivated and with enough time and energy to further our vision in creating long term sustainable communities based on true equality and non ownership models.
Welcome is everyone, especially seasoned, down to earth individuals and families, with practical skills to make this world a better place

Our focus now is to learn from our 16 years experience and translate it into practical wise and long term solutions.


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