15 minute co-located telematic performance between Belfast (Roots Ensemble), New York (RPI), and California (SoundWire at Stanford) including 15 musicians for ICMC 2008. Composed by Curtis Bahn, realized with the vibrobyte haptic actuators (developed by myself and Dane Kouttron) which are used for visual queuing. The three locations perform over Internet2, while the "conductor" application runs at RPI.

This excerpt includes Curtis Bahn, Pauline Oliveros, Jonas Braasch, Dan Valente, and Holland Hopson at RPI, and Cynthia Payne, Chris Chafe, Juan-pablo Caceres on screen at Stanford. On screen and out of view is the Roots ensemble.

All performers are responding to LEDs, except for Pauline Oliveros who is wearing three pancake motors.

ICMC schedule icmc2008.net/programme/schedule
Vibrobyte info bluwiki.com/go/Hapticsandtelepresence

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