Concieved/Directed/Choreography : D.A. Hoskins
Dance Artists: Danielle Baskerville, Tyler Gledhill
Spoken Word/Poet : Jill Battson
Film Maker: Nico Stagias
audio: Robert Kingsbury

"for time is the furthest distance between two places"
- Tennessee Williams

Paris1994/Gallery explores memory through the reflection of time. Taking momentum from a vitally heightened and intimate period - it looks at how memory is a constantly changing perspective.
The work sets itself in an arena similar to that of an art gallery, where the players become extensions to this installation that explores time and space.
The set of tangible objects is used to reflect a perception of memory. Here we see a video document of fire fighters cheering on marathon runners - an immediate and vital living moment captured - yet does it live as history, as a memory or is it alive and vital today? A dancer smells an aged flower's aroma, a collection of photographs dissolve into something new - these are just some of the captured moments that define this conceptual work.
Paris1994/Gallery looks at the sense of loss that comes with memory. We witness the diversity, complexity and intimacy of the relationship that inhabits the landscape with an experiential play and immediacy that shapes and reshapes space and time in unexpected ways.

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