A Biological Cartoon by Guillermo García Carsí, Creator and Director of Pocoyo.
El Señor Studio has the honour to present the
failures of the natural selection. A set of strange
creatures whose instincts instead of focusing on
survival seem doomed them to an absurd and
comic extinction, in the presence of the astonished
gaze of the narrator.

The are much more people within the credits, who are not in Vimeo and so we add most of them here:

Txesco Montalt: Animation Director
Mayte Sánchez: Animator
Pablo Palacio: Music and special sound design
Serena Sonido: Sound design
Helio Vega: Title designer
Beatriz García Carsí: Production Manager

Live action:
Internship: Eduardo García Martínez
Dog owner: Beatriz García Carsí
Dog: Lucas
Production Manager: Gonzalo de Castro Fraga
Production Assitant and Location: Ricardo Perales Herrero
Photography Director: Antonio Mulero Pérez
Camera Operator: Juan Diego Serrano Corbella
Camera Operator: Luciano Rodriguez Peña
Sound Technician: Jose Ignacio Arrufat Calbet
Wardrove Master: Irene Sánchez Álvarez
Make up Veronica Almendros Blazquez

Thank you very much to all the team and other collaborators!!

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