12.456 maches
Many hours of construction
The aspect of consentration
Lots of distraction
Such few minutes of destruction
Hopefully more time and energy for the rebuilding
But will it ever be good enough?

Have you ever built something and then seen it be destroyed afterwards?
Dualism is usually assosiated with substant dualism or so called cartesian dualism after the filosopher Rene Descartes(French filosoph, mathematisian and scientist, born 1569, dead 1650)
His dualism is substant dualism which says that the thoughts are of a different material(something immaterial) than the outstract which the body contains.
The outstract only means that it takes place in the room. All physic things, including atoms takes place in the room. According to Descartes, the thoughts do not take place in the room because they are not physical which means our soul is not physical, so it does not have an extent. This is the main difference between the two substances (again the world is dual, dual means two sides-something physical and something non-physical.)
According to this French philosopher the world contains of two things;
1: the outstracted, the material, the body
2: the thinking, the immaterial, the soul, which means (in dualism) that the spiritual/the soul/the thoughts are something non-physical.
It is a common thought.
In aesthetic theory it is common thinking that the spiritual things is non-physical things, because the emotional part seems not to be the same as other material (stone, steel, bone, skin). Most philosopher think this is a misunderstanding.
In fact all emotions, thoughts and feelings are a result of something very pshysical, as things that occurs in your brain.
This does not mean that events that appair in your brain is equal to emotions, but they were caused by events in the brain.
So when i was working with theese matches, my thougts were often somewhere else, even if it looks like i was fully consentrated on the work, i know that my thougths did not allways match with what i was fysically working on. theemes were constantly popping up in my head because of theese fysical reactions in my brain. The feelings i got during the project were also influenced by my fysical moves and my apperance in the room, wich means that i have been working in a dualistic state of mind during this time, and also maby every day since i was born and untill the day i die.

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