This time-lapse movie shows comic artist and illustrator Jerzovskaja at work. The video shows the first 14 of 24 hours of drawing comics permanently. The original pages are shown in the end of the film.

Jerzovskaja was one of the participants at the 24 Hour Comics Day 2010 Switzerland, taking place for the third time at the Kulturzentrum "Alte Kaserne" in Winterthur.

Around 60 comic book artists come together to turn a concert hall into a laboratory of ideas. Nerds, dreamers, professionals and beginners, all sitting in the same room, each and every one at a big table, focused on the goal of producing a full 24-page-comic within 24 hours.

Join Jerzovskaja on his inner journey of an artist, see him diving deep into the story offered by the spirits of the moment. "Coming home" is about a man travelling through the depths of the night, looking for his lost inner child, taking it by the hand and leading it out of the dark of yesterday, back into the light of the new born day.

The story "Coming Home" is unfinished.

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