For class!

I do not own Darth Vader's "Noooo!" I was just compelled to use it by a few friends and my own humor. PLZ DON'T PWN ME D:

Things I know are wrong:
Lighting changes in almost every shot
Lip syncing is off just slightly in some places
There's not enough blood in the fight scenes
Bad acting
Some of the sounds are just slightly off or missing
Voice overs could have been done better
The animation sucks.... but is pretty lolzee
Some inconsistencies with people in the background and/or movments
Occasionally some of the side props (tripod, storyboards, backpacks, ect) can be seen in the background
My sunglasses are..... super reflective, to a point where you can see anything in them. The giraffe's eyes do the same thing in the extreme close up.

Pretty much I know most everything that's wrong with this, I just had a short amount of time to do this in. Why? For 2 weeks straight my cameramen AND actors bailed. And most of these shots were a one-time-only thing, then it was hard gathering at least 4 people for voice acting and just BLAH BLAH BLAH ALL AROUND! So you can deal with it..... or enjoy 8D

The end

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