A peculiar peek into the process of forging our Augustina Finch wares!

Augustina Finch is our creative endeavor to fashion striking vintage paper envelopes and other goods that have been crafted from the forgotten parts and pages of vintage books, magazines, pamphlets and other magical storehouses of ephemera. Like dusty diggers in the bowels of a faraway excavation, we scrape and sift and sort through the archeology of paper to unearth stories to be retold in frames and folds and forms. Our aim is nothing less than to dazzle your ephemeral senses senseless!

Visit our Augustina Finch Etsy shop online here: etsy.com/shop/augustinafinch

Produced, Directed and Edited by James Wilson and Samuel Robertson
Director of Photography James Wilson
Music "In The Dark On Monday" by The Woodlands

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