So I want to buy a graphics video card for my desktop computer that will make Adobe Premiere CS5 render in real time - super fast.

But a few questions come up before buying one.

1. Which Mercury Engine support card do I get? Which one is the cheapest that will give me the real time rendering results that I want? I a leaning towards NVidia GeForce GTX 470.
2. These cards are long! Will it fit in my computer, looks like I have about 10 inches? The NVidia GeForce GTX 470 is 9.5" long.
3. Will my power supply that can do 460Watts Max need to be upgraded? Judging by the NVidia site I don't make it.
4. Will it be quiet?

When it comes to upgrading your system there is no one to turn to for help.

* HP the company I purchased my computer will not help with these questions because they already got my money.
* NVidia can't help because I can't find their sales phone number anywhere.
* Adobe won't help because they don't know what's in my computer.

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