A title sequence for a documentary Future of Hope by Henry Bateman and Heather Millard. In 3 minutes the sequence shows us the history of Iceland from settlement in 874 to the economic collapse in 2008. This is where the documentary starts, focusing on the possible "positive" effects of the crash.

Music by Biggi Hilmarson and Lára Rúnarsdóttir.

Here is a brief description of the film.

"A documentary film following individuals that strive to change the world of consumerism, a system of credit and debt that the Icelandic economy was built upon for the past 10 years. Focusing on sustainable developments in organic farming, business, innovation, renewable energy and the environment - filled with positivity and emotion, struggle and determination and most importantly...hope. 'Future of Hope' takes you on a journey from the history to the present and even into the future of a new and sustainable Iceland".

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