Extended Preview/'Sneak Peek' look at the upcoming documentary - 'People's Champion' - which is focused on the 2003 'Iron Mic' freestyle competition responsible for the cult-like following now amassed behind one Eli Porter.


Special thanks to all of the following who appear in the clip and offer their commentary/perspective...
- Jay Smooth of illdoctrine.com (twitter.com/jsmooth995)
- Andy Milonakis (twitter.com/andymilonakis)
- Jeff & Eric Rosenthal of itsthereal.com (twitter.com/itsthereal)
- Rafi Kam & Dallas Penn of internetscelebrities.com (twitter.com/rafikam & twitter.com/DPZ4Reezy)
- Modi Oyewole of dctobc.com (twitter.com/DCtoBC)


"Painted Sun In Abstract" from The Social Network soundtrack (bit.ly/e6U5Lw)
"A Good Childhood" from the Kurt Cobain About A Son soundtrack (bit.ly/JSlQjL)
"Hip-Hop Saved My Life" by Lupe Fiasco (bit.ly/po6tsX)

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