This week's news:

1. Media reports that the Australian Government plans to cut tax concessions for non-profit enterprises, are incorrect;

2. US President Bush draws attention to the plight of persecuted Christians in the lead up to the Beijing Olympics;

3. The Iraqi Prime Minister has urged Christians, who fled the country after the US-led invasion, to return home to help rebuild the country;

4. A conference is held for members of the Papua New Guinean parliament who are Seventh-day Adventists;

5. An American church, where two members were murdered in front of 200 congregation members, has asked for prayer;

6. US gay Anglican bishop was not invited to this month’s global conference of bishops in Canterbury, England, but went anyway;

7. Western Australian church starts a friendship club for lonely senior citizens;

8. US media claims that relatives and friends of televangelist Kenneth Copeland are improperly benefiting from the church’s ministry;

9. A US federal appeals court has ruled that it is unconstitutional to use Jesus' name during public prayers;

10. Texan Christians request that the weaknesses of evolution be studied as part of the science curriculum;

11. Seven billion US dollars changes hands for Christian products including the Bible;

12. 122 low powered narrowcast radio stations across Australia owned and operated by Adventists;

13. Messianic Jewish prisoners are claiming discrimination because they cannot have kosher meals;

14. 200 students from around the world gather in Montreal to focus on progressive Christian action;

15. a traditional Fijian contractual ceremony formalises an agreement to provide land for the new site of Fulton.

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