ChemAxon’s easy to integrate, platform independent and web ready toolkits are supporting various development environments. Upon licensing ChemAxon software you gain access to best-of breed solutions satisfying all your cheminformatics needs. Esteeming the freedom of choice and cooperation over competition we aim at enabling end users to select the applications that most effectively meet their needs.

Partnering ChemAxon
Nora Lapusnyik (ChemAxon)

Acelot and ChemAxon
William Lindstrom (Acelot)

CeuticalSoft discovery IT solutions
Chip Allee (CeuticalSoft)

DeltaSoft's ChemCart
Michael Dippolito (Deltasoft)

Kelaroo and ChemAxon - KRMS A complete reagent management system
Jim Moeder (Kelaroo)

Collaborative R&D
Derek Hayes (KineMatik)

KNIME product portfolio
Frank Schaffer (KNIME)

Integrating ChemAxon and Linguamatics to provide agile, chemistry-enabled text mining
Jeffrey Nauss (Linguamatics)

CERF, the award-winning Electronic Lab Notebook
Bill Fisher (Rescentris)

SEURAT overview
James Baxendale (Synaptic Science)

How visual analysis can accelerate insights from compound-centric data
David Mosenkis (TIBCO-Spotfire)

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