The Blindness of the Woods develops a narrative that combines the naive simplicity of fairy tales with the Nordic erotic movies from the 70’s. These two genders are supposed never to meet, bringing about mixed feelings in the audience who are uncertain about feeling moved as they watch the cute woolen characters or getting sexually aroused as they see them having sex. Ulrika, a blind woman who lives isolated in a cabin in the cold woods of Sweden, suffers from the freezing winter loneliness. One day, Hans, a curt lumberjack, comes across her offering not only his logs to warm up but also his love. A love and sex story unfolds between the blind woman and the lumberjack which is being witnessed by the voyeuristic character Bear Bjorn. Her love fullfilment is overshadowed by Hans’ betrayal who takes advantage of her condition, stealing her belongings.This scenario pushes Bear Bjorn to act on Ulrika’s behalf doing justice to her in his own hands as he gets rid of the lumberjack, eventually wrapping up the love circle.


Written & Directed by: Javier Lourenço & Martin Jalfen

Executive Producer: Carlos Batillana

Art Director: Sebastián Beretta

Director of Photography: Flavio Dragoset

Music: Pedro Gómez & Martín Chebli Murad

Producer: Florencia Higgins

Cast: María Paula Pichersky as Ulrika Federico Gelber as The Lumberjack Nicolás Sánchez Solís as The Bear

Montage: Carolina Grgurevic

Assistant Director: Victoria Comune

Second Assistant Director: Marcos Pandolfi

Production Manager: Adriana Cabanillas Lorena Domeneghini

Focus Puller: Mauricio Heredia

Second Camera Assistant: Florencia Gonzalo

Gaffer: Leo Aguinaga

Electrics: Leonardo Goiri Hugo Núñez Javier Cañas Sergio González

Grip: Daniel Baricheval José María Espósito

Video Assistant: María Eugenia Sánchez

Generator Operator: Ricardo Ferrari

Art Assistants: Juan Garibaldi Malena Pizani

Set Constructors: Juan Danna Ricardo Farfán

Set Construction Assistants: Julieta Boecci Bárbara Smulwieckz María de los Angeles Capurro Celeste Botet Micaela Martínez Maximiliano Zubía Lolo Irma Andrada Martín Dizz

Prop Master: Christian Momo Pastrán

Prop Master’s Assistant: Paulo Domínguez


Costumes: Andrea Brzezniak

Costumes Assistant: Juliana Politzer

Weavers: Isabel Cardozo Natalia Casais

Security: Ricardo Bratti

Post-Production: Che Revolution Post

Film Scanning 2K: Arriscan

Digital Supervisor: Eduardo Cruz

Colour Grading Davinci Resolve: Jorge Russo

VFX Supervisor: Alejandro Iturmendi

VFX Coordinator: Gustavo Iturmendi

Flame Artist: Gabriel Mongardi

Executive Producer: Julián de Bianchetti

Postproduction assistant: Facundo Sanchís

Mix and Postproduction Sound: Noroeste Música y Sonido

Singers: Florencia Ciarlo Damián Oliver

Voice over Bear / Lumberjack: Gerardo Naumann

Voice over Ulrika & Swedish translation: Linnea Rutström

Lumberjack Stunt: Hernán Tomassini

Titles design, making of and DVD Extras Montage: Facundo Sanchís

Character Design: Alejandro Leonelli

3d Modelling and animation: Juan Martín Miyagi

Film Stock: Charvay / Kodak Film Lab

Develop Lab: R+ T

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