Blending stunning visualizations with playful interaction, Potion created “What’s In Your Blood?”, a classic educational experience with a number of interactive twists. Designed in collaboration with Thinc Design for the Museum of Science and Industry’s exhibit “You! The Experience,” the multiuser interactive table lets visitors of all ages explore a hyper-realistic blood stream as it travels to the human heart.

Delving into the science of our blood, Potion’s interactive software allows visitors to discover fourteen types of cells and molecules which they can examine in hyper-realistic 3-D renderings with a hand-held magnifying glass.
By placing one’s hands on holds mounted beside a giant heart, visitors can synchronize their own heart rate with that of the display.

To create a truly collaborative experience, Potion developed the interactive’s most popular activity, challenging visitors to understand how the body reacts in different health states. As visitors congregate and block all the blood vessels traveling to the heart, they create a simulated heart attack. Visitors can also change the blood vessel's health states to learn first-hand how the body reacts to infection and to exercise.

The table’s shape and kid-friendly height allows families to gather around and learn together, creating conversation and hopefully, a memorable and educational experience.

Client: Museum of Science and Industry
Project Title: What’s in Your Blood?
Location: Chicago, IL
Type: Interactive Table, 2009

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