Potion created "Eyewitness to Genocide" to mimic the urgency of an emergency response center, arming visitors to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum with resources to take action against genocide.

As visitors enter the centerpiece of the museum’s newest exhibit, they are pulled into action by twenty-five overhead screens sharing eyewitness testimonies. Visitors may then approach the grand-scale wood table that serves as a resource and storytelling platform.

The overhead screens provide an ongoing human soundtrack with each screen corresponding to a person who has experienced genocide. The stories, drawn from the museum’s collection, are not only from survivors, but also perpetrators, activists, and others involved, creating an intricate narrative for visitors.

Below the screens, visitors can take their first action towards ending genocide by touching the dynamic interactive table. A sweep of the hand pulls up background information, documents, and photographic evidence bringing visitors face-to-face with the people of Bosnia, Rwanda and Darfur. Potion designed the table to foster shared experience, allowing up to twelve visitors to open stories at the same time, with even more reading on. To encourage sharing and reflection outside the museum, Potion created an interactive paper bookmark, allowing visitors to save and share their most moving stories via a customized exhibit website.

This multi-media installation is centered in an exhibit designed by C&G Partners in coordination with Small Design Firm.

Client: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Project Title: Eyewitness to Genocide
Location: Washington, DC
Type: Interactive Table, 2009

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