Potion's wall-size kaleidoscopic screens create moving art from Tiffany’s ever-evolving jewelry collection, accenting a new line of Tiffany & Co’s boutique stores. In collaboration with the design firm 2x4, Potion's kinetic images highlight details of Tiffany's designer products while adding a playful and mesmerizing quality to the shopping experience.

Beginning with photographs of actual pieces, Potion’s dynamic software algorithmically arranges and splices Tiffany’s jewels into a myriad of unique visual configurations.

To further customize Tiffany stores environments for seasonal changes, new arrivals or special events, Potion created a content management system that allows staff to update products to be incorporated into the displays.

Client: Tiffany & Co.
Location: Glendale, CA
Type: Retail Displays, 2009

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