This retail experience reinvents the traditional retail shoe display. Women’s shoes are arranged on a low table while an interactive spotlight surrounds each shoe. When an intrigued shopper picks up a shoe, they are rewarded with digital information that appears in the space where the shoe was resting. They access comments about the shoe from other shoppers (online and off), hero product photos of the shoe on models, and information about which sizes and alternate styles are available.

In addition to product information, every interaction also creates a visual cascade that spreads out across the whole table. This visual display creates a playful, engaging spectacle that attracts other shoppers to pick up and discover the effect each product creates. It’s an experience shoppers will want to share and recreate with friends and family.

Client: Concept
Project Title: Retail Display Concepts - Shoe Display
Location: New York, NY
Type: Interactive Table, 2009

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