Starring Zoe Daelman Chlanda, Robb Leigh Davis, Katherine O'Sullivan, Tom Reid, Danny Lopes and Alan Rowe Kelly

Directed by Jeremiah Kipp
Produced by Alan Rowe Kelly & Bart Mastronardi
Director of Photography/Editor Dominick Sivilli
Music by Tom Burns
Special FX by Daniel J. Mazikowski

“The structure and progression of images in CONTACT, the storytelling, the imagery – all very strong!“
- Larry Fessenden, director of THE LAST WINTER and HABIT

"It's a beautifully made little film. Loved the mouth tunnel. In fact, I think I did that drug once upon a time. Excellent. Keep makin' 'em."
- Frank Henenlotter, director of BASKET CASE and BAD BIOLOGY

“Gorgeous and grim…CONTACT oozes sinister style. The direction by Jeremiah Kipp and cinematography by Dominick Sivilli is stunning. Kipp creates a claustrophobic, paranoid atmosphere... Zoe Daelman Chlanda gives an absolutely amazing performance, filled with horror and vulnerability.”
– Fatally Yours

"While it has a running time of only 11 minutes, CONTACT feels more substantial because of its message and depth...absolutely intense! Amazing on all levels: sound design, camera, lighting, acting - this one is going to win a ton of awards."
- Marla Newborn, Fangoria

"Felt like a chapter out of my own dating history. I love the mouth-to-mouth connection and the face tear. Kipp, you are one sick fucker!"
- Paul Solet, director of GRACE

"A jolting, intriguing work that is blessed with great style and original substance--one of the most satisfying shorts to come around in a long time. 5 stars out of 5!"
- Phil Hall, Film Threat

“Like all good horror films, CONTACT goes much deeper than graphic imagery or psychological mind games…Kipp knows how to play with the audiences wits, presenting the narrative in a manner that doesn’t feed the story to the viewer, but rather employs the viewers senses. “
– Barry Meyer, PopCereal

“The black and white look made the FX work seem even more gruesome…cinematography and editing [by Dominick Sivilli] blew me away…I’m bummed someone’s not paying Jeremiah Kipp loads of money to make features. He’s clearly talented enough to do it.”
– Mike Bracken, The Horror Geek

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