After a spectacularly arrogant gaffe makes him an outcast in his own country, a pampered Scottish rugby star struggles to rebuild his career--and life--in the American Midwest.

Even at the highest level, rugby didn't pay players until the mid-1990s; it held on to the amateur ideal far longer than any other sport. And now, greedy but talented Keir and his old school father, rugby legend Finlay Kilgour, find themselves stranded on opposite sides of that ideal. As Keir ascends to the pinnacle of Scottish professional rugby, his drive for fame and money collides with his quest for respect from his critical father.

Following an appalling act of selfishness on Scotland's biggest rugby stage, Keir thinks he has nowhere to turn. He flees his rugby background in a delusional pursuit of greater stardom in the high profile world of professional American football. But in America, Keir's arrogance betrays him, and he winds up playing for a lousy rugby team in Kansas City instead of the NFL. As circumstances force Keir to take baby steps toward growing up, he guides his new team to respectability. Along the way, Keir figures out a way to show his father Finlay that they're not so different after all. Keir then takes his scrub team from Kansas City to Scotland to play in front of his father. But new big-money temptations once again threaten to derail Keir's attempts at reconciliation with Finlay. In the end, Keir has to choose between his own ideals or his father's.

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