Open Access is now a global movement and initiatives are springing up across the world. But not all the projects are known and certainly they are not linked up systematically. It is important to have a single location where the diversity of OA initiatives around the world can be discovered. This will help to prevent duplication, will enhance collaboration, and will generally enable an approach where new projects properly build upon existing or completed ones.

The Open Access map site will present a dynamic visual map of the world with all the known OA initiatives, developments, resources and projects. Users can choose to display selected projects, initiatives or services by selecting the desired search variable.

The site will allow users to conduct searches or obtain overviews of Open Access developments around the world. A user could specify, for example, a particular country and see the number and types of repositories in that country, the institutions involved, the software used and so forth, along with the OA journals published from that country, their publishers, their titles, etc.

Importantly, it will identify the key individuals who work on OA in that country so that others may contact them. In this way the site also serves as a networking tool, something that has the potential to facilitate and catalyse additional, new and innovative OA developments across the world. This is something new. No other service has attempted to bring information together in this way to provide a tool for networking on this scale.

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