Multimedia about Makasiinit situated in the front of the Parlament house in Helsinki Finland. Feelings and happenings from VR Makasiinit specially during golden years 1991-2000. What people did to safe Makasiinit and what happened then. Also one solution what to do with the rest of the Makasiinit which still exists - the Magito´s part.

Photography (scanned slidefilm) and composed by Ossi Kajas who influenced at Makasiinit during 1990-2006 acting as owner of Studio Magito, Tzar´s Cafe and Marskin Kirpputori + also organisising and consulting dozens of cultural happenings at Makasiinit.

Music composed by Hans Wessels for this multimedia
(except the the last part choir Addictio recorded by OK).

The whole project was done with limited timetable : )

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