"Kinetics" was an exploration into human movement and relating it to illustrative typographical elements. To achieve the footage to show human motion at the level needed we shot with a scientific high-speed camera at 500 frames per second in HD on a green screen for the performance. The subject of break-dancing was used because of its raw beauty of illustrating human motion. Typography is used as an illustrative element in this piece supporting the kinetics of the motion. The typeface Didot was chosen because it combined a modern feel with classic serifs.

Production notes:
Shot on Phantom Photron Fastcam SA-3 :
Panasonic HVX-200a :

Cameras donated by High Speed Imaging: and Sidewayz Films:
Studio space donated by Mudd Advertising :
Bboy is Damien "Daylight" Day:
Effects in After Effects CS3, editing in Final Cut Pro 6, audio mix in Logic Pro.

Additional credits:
Zach Everman: Production Assistant and Additional Cinematography (overall genius and great friend)
Reese Reimers: Production Assistant, Sound Technician
Andre Lipsey: Music production

Music credits (used with permission)
Mophono- I don't cry/Intro:
Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra- The Descent :
Additional Production- Andre Lipsey

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