Returning from "the depths", JPLS drops his hotly anticipated new release this October. The Voxplosion EP finally reveals key pieces that have woven themselves throughout Richie Hawtin's sets for the past year, tracks that have stood out for their fearless creativity and unconventionality -- all the traits that epitomize why JPLS has made a perfect addition to the Minus roster.

Voxplosion Puss leads the way with an endless vocal statement constantly collapsing in on itself. Words fray and splice into each other as tones dissolve. Delays fragment and build up to an apex of razor sharp flange leading to an ending that will loop flawlessly back into the beginning as if diving deeper into a fractal. Voxplosion Escape's more dire tone focuses on a conversation regarding one's hopeless and inevitable fate. Radio distortion twists in the background as signature JPLS vocal modulations tear apart. Psychedelic atoms of sound snake their way through to the end until a climax of words echos into the void. Both clips are beatless and ready to jump in a set of any long as you are ready to make the party voxplode.

Accompanying Voxplosion is what has happened to the mind of JPLS after constantly warping and looping vocal cuts; Voxcycle. Voxcycle A starts sparsely with a gravity-defying bassline and sharp vocal stabs. The track continually falls back into itself interchanging rhythmic and tonal elements. The peak slips into action as bass pulls the beat back in line and percussive elements slither their way around a hybrid vocal-based snare. Voxcycle B opens up like a tense computer trying to diagnose its own madness. Fragmented vocal cuts pop into the beat as a sigh of relief drops the kicks into an ulra low frequency echo. Bass pushes the track forward as the tension rises leading into a break of metallic hats and distorted pulses of vocal perplexity. JPLS makes the machine's speech even more abstract as the beat reduces into bass infused loops of rhythmic vocal percussion.

JPLS reigns supreme as one of Minus Records' most reduced and experimental sonic explorers. As such, the Voxplosion EP is anything but linear; twisting and turning in multiple dimensions beyond our own world and into a future of synthetic intelligence. When the machine start speaking to you, how will you respond?

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