Creative Director: Rochfr
Agency SCP
Another International music jewerly show.
The event was inspired by the famous tale of Lewis Carroll so to present the main tendencies of the International jewelry world.

Creative Idea and description of the event:

The main objective of the event was the presentation of the new tendencies in the international jewelry world and the protagonist that was chosen was Alice in Wonderland, by this name and with the support of a total surface of 1500 square metres of video projection our assistants had the opportunity to experience a unique event.
Lewis Carroll created the talkative and foolish rabbits, the cats with malicious smile, the ridiculous bowler hats, the queens of hearts... and he put all this fancy universe beneath Alice's feet, with a lot of sweetness. At Iberjoya, the Wonderland´s spirit unlocked the key to our hearts converting it into the marvelous world of jewels, JewerLAND.
The assistants were really surprised when Alice that was represented by a singer appeared on stage dressed up with a skirt of 200 square metres. On the skirt there were projected colourful videos and also she was moving smoothly with the use of big ventilators.
For every song , sang by Alice there were prepared personalized projections full of colours, glamour and fantasy, that were representing Alice´s dreams and of course the new jewelry designs, with a lot of elegance.

For the event there were used:
A total surface of 1500 square metres of projection
15 video projectors of 18.000 luminaires,
6 cameras for the control realization,
100.000 W of lights,
30.000 of sound
and finally 2D and 3D animations for the video presentation of the Jewelry, all of these images were related to different moments of Alice´s tale.
Betacam SP

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