"Wandering Ghosts"

**This song is dedicated to all those who fell victim to being taken advantage of and taken for granted. People don't appreciate what they have until it's gone.**

This song is a remake of my old band's (Rhyme No Reason) song, "Wandering Ghosts" The song is sung from the perspective of a man who took advantage and granted of his significant other, who tragically took her own life because of the loneliness she felt not being good enough for him. He wakes up to find her cold body and since then lived his life in regret until his death. Mourning her death for the rest of his life, he felt the regret of not being able to take back his actions and never being able to say goodbye. After his death his unfinished business prohibited from moving on into the after life and since his death has wandered their old home, hoping to be able to say goodbye to his lost love.

This version of the song is just a demo with temperary tracks intended for practice purposes for my current band, S.D.T.M.(Sleep Dream Time Machine) and the video is just the video blog version. I hope to shoot an official video soon.

Shot on my Canon 7D, all clips are from the original scratch tracks. Additional instrumentation and vocals added later.

Recorded, sequenced and mixed on my BR-1600 12 Track Digital Recorder.
Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS3.

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