Should Corporations Decide Our Elections' A Big Apple Coffee Party Forum--7:00pm-October 15, 2010 at the All Souls Unitarian Church, in NYC, NY

Thom Hartmann, #1 Progressive Radio Host in the U.S. and Best-Selling Author discusses 'Should Corporations Decide Our Elections' and how the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court decision affects elections, lobbying, and the mixture of money and politics at this free public Forum attended by over 500 concerned citizens!

The information contained in this video is vital for everyone to see who cares about our democracy.

Filmed by Ian and Jesse Zlatkin and Ali Betil. Edited by Ali Betil. Produced by the Big Apple Coffee Party, an affiliate of the Coffee Party USA, in association with the Elgin History Alliance.

**The October 15, 2010 event was sponsored by the Big Apple Coffee Party and their co-sponsors, The Peace and Justice Task Force and Lifelines Center of All Souls Unitarian Church**

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