Story line:This the story of shady he wakes up &
he is treating pepole with a treatment doesn't belongs to the real shady so he feels that he is a doubler to the real shady like the drug dealer he will mett he talkes about shady in away in treat shady in another way feels the dealer that he's a doubler to the real dealer!
Shady feels that he is not good, he will go to see the pepole who don't want to see them.
pepole realy want to know why he is like is this what is his mystery. he remembers somethings from his childhood His ex girlfriend his father & his bad treatments.


Details:it's the first short movie i shoted after studying directing & screenwriting .
it was so difficult to begin with a hard movie psychological drama it was hard in locations i shot the movie in streets in halls in 2 apartements & in a cafe a car the location was too much & the budget was 2000 L.E
it's very low budget but i challenge myself to make the movie with an actors didn't make anything before & i made this bec of the budget & ishot the whole movie in two days but the editing take month .

starting: Ahmed galal
Lamia gafar
Mohamed adel
Ahmed yehia

Written & Directed: Mohamed nader
Shoted :Mohamed mostafa
editing:Mohamed magdy
ass. director:Osama nassar
Mohamed khalil
Music:classical selections
Sound mixing:Mohamed magdy
Produced:Ahmed galal _ Mohamed nader

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