This is second of two video sketches illustrating some of the ideas and principles behind Dentsu London's communications strategy Making Future Magic

In "The Journey" we look at the panoply of screens and media surfaces in a train station and the possibilities that open up from seeing them slight differently. There’s no real new technology at play in any of these ideas, just different connections and flows of information being made in the background – quietly, gradually changing how screens, bits of print ephemera such as train tickets, and objects in the world can inter-relate to make someone’s journey a bit less stressful, a bit more delightful.

You can see the first film "Incidental Media" here

This is part of a collaboration between Dentsu London and BERG. You can read more about both films at Dentsu London's blog  and on BERG's blog here  and here  

This film is under a Creative Commons 3.0 license, which means you're free to share or use any of the ideas in it, with proper attribution to Dentsu London and BERG

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