This is the official trailer to our first independent movie. Follow the adventures of two befriended sportsmen, each venturing their own path.

The movie is pure and sincere. No explosions and stuntmen. It's not another documentary, it's not another action movie. This is Flip a Coin.

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Please join the ride.

--- Backgroung info ---
The idea for Flip a Coin was born in 2005 and based on the question: 'why are so many actionsports videos fun to watch for 5 minutes, and often no more than 5 minutes?'
Flip a Coin answers this question, and once you've seen it you should know why.

The creation of Flip a Coin was a process that went against almost every basic rule of filmmaking. When the movie was at 50% being finished, the script wasn't. There was no screenplay or storyboard. Nor were there any investors, funds or people involved to make it 'commercially more attractive'. There was only a very rough guideline in the story and the belief that somehow, all pieces would fall into place at the end. Judge for yourself in 2011 whether they did..

This is Flip a Coin. Please join the ride.

UPDATE: Flip a Coin is now available online on DVD at Amazon:

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