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One week with a ragtag group of independent wrestlers in Lincolnton, NC.

The new film from the team behind the Gotham Awards-Nominated KATI WITH AN I.

Directed by Robert Greene
Produced by 4th Row Films
Cinematography by Sean Price Williams

From True/False:

Across America, thousands of passionate athletes undertake grueling training to participate each week in a spectacle that transcends sport, that exacts a great physical toll but to them is nothing less than an art form--Independent Wrestling. Packed with flying-from-the-ropes action and a sympathetic poignancy that hits like a backhand chop, FAKE IT SO REAL spends a week with North Carolina’s Millenium Wrestling Federation. J-Prep, Van Damage, Solar, Pitt, Outlaw, rookie Gabriel and the rest overcome illness, injury and humiliation to put on an amazing ongoing show for an enthusiastic community. This marks director Robert Greene’s second T/F offering in as many years (he brought us the lovely KATI WITH AN I in 2010), an uncommon feat that is testament to his and cinematographer Sean Williams' fine instincts behind the camera and deep feeling for their subjects. (Although Greene has stated that anyone who skips the film will be put in a suplex hold and bodyslammed.)

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