In 1906, an unknown North Eastern India State was hit by a powerful revival when Welsh missionaries carried revival flames there from the Welsh Revival. This revival subsequently sparked off the Korean Revival.

In October 2010, a team from Singapore /Malaysia as well as a team from Hong Kong and Canada travelled to Shillong calling the people to Revival once again. We witnessed a people who are hungry and many responded to the call to pay the price for revival.

How this event came about was amazing and a testimony
that God would use anyone that is hungry enough for Him.
A church in Bangalore "Living Fountain Gates" which consist of many young people from North East India, felt called to
hold a crusade in Shillong to pray for revival and also to call the people back to God. With obedience, faith and sacrifice, they labored and raised the funds that is needed for the
event. And what you witnessed in the video is the fruit of their labour.

I believed that this is just the beginning. North East India watch out, there is a revival generation that God has raised, starting in Living Fountain Gates and they will blazed the trails of revival wherever they go in North East India. Praise the Lord! Glory to his name!

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