We filmed in a swan boat.

Check out pollifax.com.

Favorite quote from the artist: "I got in a duck boat" - changing the lyrics to his song "Shrinking Coasts" (original lyrics: "I built a little boat")

Brendan hadn't slept all night. We met up on a Sunday in Providence and decided to film in a boat, in a pond, in Roger Williams Park and then later, at a house.

I hope you catch that 'later' is actually shown first (in this part) because of the verbal consent to "go backwards", which I took as a mini creative license of freedom to do whatever I wanted within Final Cut. This resulted in a lot of reversed frames and speeds and audio/visual mismatches. It needed to happen for whatever reasons. The order these songs were shot are displayed in reverse order, as are a lot of the little fast clips between songs...

see pt 2 for more text

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