The full documentary short. This film is a 32nd Annual Bronze Telly Award Winner for Best Cinematography.

The 102nd Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac presented by Veuve Clicquot is the oldest freshwater distance race in the world. Sponsoring the race for the first time, Veuve Clicquot was inspired to create this short documentary in partnership with Chicago Company Fig Media (fig films).

Using all local artists, filmmakers and musicians, this 13-minute documentary covers the events surrounding the race, the traditions of champagne and celebration and stories from the sailors. Starting in Chicago and ending on Mackinac Island, The Arrival is just a taste of the passion shared by the sailing community in the Midwest; making the documentary a true love letter to both Chicago and Mackinac Island, Michigan and all who love the sport of sailing.


Jan Promer
Nancy Snyder
Mary Ann Lillie
Captain William Pinkney
Janet Crabb
Brian Bailey
Bob Tagatz
Anna Kimball

Beau Geste:
Karl Kwok

Jeff Comeaux
Gary Powell
Scott Ruhlander

Additional Voices

Mac Committee Chair
Greg Freeman

Chicago Yacht Club
Christie Denson

Beau Geste
Gavin Brady

50 free
Dave Berger

Gregg Comeaux
Tory Enerson
Brad Seavoy
Reid Speirin
Bob Constantino
Sandra Lee
Sonya Edmonds

Executive Producers
Anna Kimball
Timothy Norris

Fig Films

James Gustin
Andrew Ettenofer

Melissa Martens

Tim Musho
Melissa Martens
James Gustin

Melissa Martens

Production Assistants
Nicole Humpfrey
Phillip Batta

Post Production Assistant
Rajesh Bhagirat

Samantha Pletzke
Anna Gilliam
Bryan Whitely

Original Score
"Last Night"
"This Can't Be"

by Skimasks
Original Music
"The Arrival"
Lyrics by: Erin McDougald
Music by: Erin McDougald
& Rob Block
Performed by Erin McDougald
(piano: Rob Block,
bass: Jack Zara,
drums: Brian Ritter)
Courtesy of:
Flapper Girl Productions
All rights reserved
Recorded at CRC
Chicago, Illinois

Special Thanks to:
Grand Hotel
The Musser Family
John Hulett III
Mayor Margaret Doud
Joy Cmiel
Bob Tagatz
The Mackinac Island
City Council
Mackinac Island Residents
The Pink Pony
Brian Bailey

Special Thanks to:
Chicago Yacht Club
Race to Mackinac Committee:
Greg Freeman, Chair
Winn Soldani, Vice Chair

Chicago Yacht Club
Sponsorship Committee:
Rick Lillie, Co-Chair
Nancy Snyder, Co-Chair
Liz Ware

Chicago Yacht Club Staff:
Jim Clark, General Manager
Christie Denson,
Communications Director

©2010 all rights reserved.
This motion picture is
protected pursuant to
the provisions of the
laws of the
United States of America
and other countries.
Any unauthorized
duplication, distribution
and/or exhibition of this
motion picture may
result in civil liability
and criminal prosecution.

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