Tiki culture isn't very modern, but it's sooo mid-century. Join six members of Portland's Mid-Century Modern Leage as they travel to San Diego for the eighth annual Tiki Oasis event.

This 24-minute video showcases their experience, including the live music, burlesque, fashion and lush tropical settings of the country's biggest and best tiki confab. Our crew couldn't attend all the events, but we did capture enough to demonstrate the rich flavor and energy of the weekend and celebrate the revival of tiki culture in the U.S.

You'll enjoy musical performances by Monsters from Mars, Martini Kings, Maikai Gents, Waitiki, Robert Drasnin Voodoo Orchestra and The Ghastly Ones. Plus vintage-style burlesque performances, a fashion show, an exploration of the Bali Hai restaurant on Shelter Island, and a tour of the Crowne Plaza Hotel (formerly the Hanalei Hotel) grounds.

Rated PG for:
* Adult themes (cocktailing and use of the word "hooch")
* Partial nudity (don't get excited...no nipples are showing)
* Live flesh piercing demonstration (eeew...gross!)

The Mid-Century Modern League is dedicated to the preservation and celebration of architecture and lifestyles from the 1940s through the 1960s. Start your atomic life at mcmleague.org.

For more information about Tiki Oasis 9, visit tikioasis.com.

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