The short film Random Strangers 'Another World' from director Alexis dos Santos made for the Cinema Reloaded project.

Random Stangers “Another World” explores contemporary online relationships with a strongly cinematic language. The film portrays a new generation for whom Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Skype, and the whole idea of creating your own online persona have played a crucial role in the development of their social skills since their early teenage years.

The two protagonists, Rocky & Lulu, live on opposite sides of the planet, in different cultures. Rocky lives in Berlin and Lulu is from a small town in Mexico. Both have unhappy lives at home, but in the virtual world, and in the eyes of each other, they can be whoever they wish to be.
We witness the differences between these two lives, both in the virtual and the real worlds: Lulu and Rocky's daily life on the one hand, the parallel world they create for each other on the other.

The world they create for each other is based on video diaries, photomontages with secret confessions, fictional representations of facts in their lives made with toys, musical scenes, karaoke playbacks for spoof pop-promos and more. All of these are cinematic devices that they use in a very playful way. The world they create for each other is a film world. This film world is fun and inspiring, sometimes quite intimate, but always playful. It is a place where they can be truly themselves, truly free.

In contrast the real world will be in stark opposition with a rigorous filmmaking style - longer shots and real time sequences (Gus van Sant's Elephant). The contrast between the worlds will be represented in multiple textures, inventive editing, music, and otherworldly soundscapes.

As their relationship blossoms they will each wonder: How close can you be to a someone who lives across the planet? Can you really know someone, if you only communicate virtually?

The creator of Glue and Unmade Beds, Alexis dos Santos delves yet deeper into youth culture. Lulu and Rocky, from different corners of the world, meet in the virtual one.
Two people on opposite sides of the world enter into a relationship in a virtual world. Lulu and Rocky live in Buenos Aires and Berlin respectively. Their daily lives are very different to the exciting, fun virtual world they create for each other. Also screens before Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then and Tiger Eyes.

Rocky: Samy Challah
Lulu: Inès Efron
The Lazy Strangers: Flora Lau/Elisa Miller/Stavros Pameallis

Director: Alexis Dos Santos
Screenplay: Laurence Coriat/Alexis Dos Santos
Cinematography: Alexis Dos Santos/Flora Lau
Producers: Soledad Gatti-Pascual/Valentina Brazzini
Co-producer: Marleen Slot
Associate Co-producers: Anne van der Linden/Dani Stauder
Editor: Saskia Kievits
Sound Design/Re-recording Mixer: Evelien van der Molen
Music : Flor Braier/Samy Challah/Alexis Dos Santos/Roi Erez/Robin Todd
Business Affairs Supervisor: Vincent Gadelle
Argentinian Unit Director: Leonardo Brzezicki
Argentinian Unit Editor: Filip Gsella
Graphics and Titles by: Suki Rai
Online-Editor: Des Murray
Post Production Manager: Andrew Dearnley
Production Design: Elisa Miller
Production Manager: Judith Stalter
Production Assistant: Liz Slot
Production Company: The Bureau Film Company
Distributor: International Film Festival Rotterdam
Catering: Kees Brienen
Camera Equipment Provided by: Binger Lab
Lighting Equipment: Het Licht
Sound Equipment: De Herrieboerderij
Sound Post Fascilities: SoundAdventure
Picture Post Facilities: Molinare London
Insurance: Media Insurance Brokers Ltd.

Special Thanks:
IFFR and CinemaReloaded
Lemming Film
Binger Film Lab
VSB Fonds

Developed and supported by:
International Film Festival Rotterdam
for 'Cinema Reloaded' project

Length: 25'

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