002_beta ____the myth of androgyne

stop motion video


VIDEOSOPHIA is a series of videos that relate to my thoughts on philosophy.
Everyone can find their own truth.

001_alpha ____the myth of androgyne

The myth of androgyne is an allegory used by the Greek philosopher Plato in The Symposium. (Symposium 189d–193d)

The myth says that In the beginning Man was perfect.
The Gods envy Him and for this split in two parts.
So the man was condemned for eternity to seek his own half.

Director: Rota.S
Director of photography: Tau LaPirate
Set designer and Location Manager: Diego Lorenzo Zanitti
Music: Rota.S, Jhon Castaño, Geremia Vinattieri

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Thanks to:
Davide Rota
Avvolte music group

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