Executive Producer: Bryan Buckley, Hank Perlman
Producers: Alex Mehedff, Mark Grande
Written: Jesse Baunsch
Based on the comic book series by: Jesse Baunsch & James Callahan
Director: Gualter Pupo
Sound Supervisor: Eduardo Marote
Music: Bonde Fumegante
Sound Mixer: Julio Brasileiro
Sound Design: Som 3
Sound Production Assistants: Adriano Nanof, Carlos Blau
Animation and Character Design: Andres Ramos, Raphael Bezerra
Animation Assistant: Priscila Villas Bôas
Compositor Artist: Rodrigo Thurler
Editor: Rodrigo Thurler
Graphic Design: Christiano Calvet, Marcos Leme
Post Production: Patricia Bau
Production Coordinator: Leticia Xavier

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