For my school's Engineering Open House (CS is a part of engineering) we created a guide framework, it allows an instructor to create a series of guides with hints and code examples and mock classes and stubs to verify that the user is doing what they should be.

It then runs your code, checks it against each of the tests on the back end, and when it finds one that fails, explains to the user what they need to know to make it pass.

We used it to create a guide to have a user create a program that connects to twitter and follows a user, notifying you whenever anything interesting happens with that account. It was a modified version of this code

We also hooked it into a traffic light that we borrowed from the City of Wichita, and had the test results display on the light. The idea for that came from this blog entry

All in all, it was a fun project that I enjoyed, even though the Engineering Department scorned us.

I had the code on github, but after hearing Chris Wanstrath decry the state of Open Source code at Ruby Midwest, I felt obligated to take it down.

Strange how you can do some really cool stuff and others can make you feel crappy about it.

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