Last wednesday (27/10/10) I went to the Islington Academy with a friend of mine, Jemma (who I made a deal with, that I’d help with her project if she did the solid camera for me today) to meet up with the lads from Ten Pound again and record my first gig and their first time at the O2 Islington.
Me and Jemma wondered to the bottom floor of the O2 and waited around outside for about 5 minutes with our camera bags in tow. There was already a queue forming at the door which I thought was pretty impressive. A security guard then wondered over and asked us if we were doing interviews, which we technically were (more on that later), we were guided down a long corridor and eventually met a woman with pale makeup on who were were apparently meant to interview.

We were in the wrong place.

We’d just met who I’d assume is a member of the band that were performing downstairs at the O2 Islington, The Birthday Massacre. Ten Pound were playing upstairs. So with our tails between our legs we quickly scampered upstairs, put the camera batteries on charge and waited for Ten Pound to turn up. And sure enough they did, pretty promptly.

We had a quick chat with them and watched them do soundcheck before all of us wondering over to the local McDonalds and getting dinner.
It was fun, because they all knew me from before they’d all let their guard down and were all really chatty.

The time for the show soon reared it’s head and Ten Pound had been bumped up a couple of spots from second band on two the sub-headliner. Mostly due to the sheer amount of fans they’d brought along. The room was packed with Ten Pound fans chanting their name through pretty much all the support acts.

Soon enough they took to the stage and the whole place pretty much erupted. Their fans or ‘soldiers’ as singer Charlie P called them, were going mental through their entire 30 minute set. As each song ended huge applause arrived especially for the last two, “Coloured Lines on Dark Nights” and “Summertime”, likely their biggest songs.

All in all, a great night for a great up and coming band.

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