#18 (of 20) in the series, "Conversations About God," with Graham Maxwell.

“God Waits For His Children To Grow Up” — another look at the reasons for the apparent delay of the final events in the great controversy over the character and government of God.

Almost two thousand years have passed since God won His case on Calvary. Satan's lies and accusations have long ago been met. The freedom of the universe has been eternally secured. Why, then, does God still tolerate this one rebellious spot in His loyal universe? He longs to re-create our world and give it to His trusting saints. Why does He still wait?

When Jesus returns, He will come to a generation of believers who have experienced Satan's last supreme attempt to deceive and destroy God's loyal children on this planet. They will have accomplished what one third of the angels failed to do. They will have refused to be turned against God by Satan's lies. They will have been able to say with Paul, "If anyone — even an angel from heaven — should bring a different version of the everlasting Good News, he is wrong, and we will not believe it!" (Galatians 1) These are not babes in the truth. They are grown-up believers. They meet the Biblical description of Christian perfection and maturity: they have "their faculties trained by practice to distinguish good from evil." (Hebrews 5,6) They have not only the teachable faith of a little child, which still needs much protection, but — like Job — they can stand alone. Though their faith be severely tested, they will never let God down.

God is waiting for such firm believers. The last book in the Bible pictures the angels as mercifully holding back the final winds of strife until the minds of God's children have been unshakably sealed and settled into the truth.

But what is this truth? Remember the pious beliefs of those who nailed Jesus to the cross - then hurried home to keep the Sabbath holy! Do we accept Jesus' testimony about His Father? Are we convinced that God is just as gracious as the Son? Or are we still "easily swayed by every wind of doctrine"? (Ephesians 4) Do we still need emergency measures to be reverent and do what is right? Are we the reason why God still waits?

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