Someone is capturing artist and forcing them to participate in WWAF Art Battles. That someone is Exacto.

Who is Exacto?

Exacto aka Edward Soliloquoi was a struggling painter living in Atlanta, GA pursuing a career in the arts. After a couple of really bad critiques and a general lack of enthusiam in his own art, he abandoned his creative endeavors and became a salesman for Scamway Global. After some time at Scamway, he discovers that he may be dying from a rare recently discovered ailment called Odivi Coudius or Malignant Coodies. He was given this diagnosis from his doctor, who has known ever since being his family physician that Edward was a hypercondriac. He gave the Malignant Coodies diagnosis but had no idea it would push him over the edge. Edward realized that he wasted his life and didn't want anyone to suffer the same consequences. He became Exacto and vowed to not let another artist suffer the same fate. Now, bent on helping creative people's urge to continue their artistic careers, Exacto creates scenarios where artist must battle each other in the WWAF with an event he calls The Composition of Chaos so they realize that their creative lives through competition.

Stuart McClean Gallery
684 John Wesley Dobbs Ave, Atlanta, GA 30309

$15 Entry, $20 Entry with a shirt
November 20, 2010
8PM - 12AM

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