Overheating during heavy, continuous video recording has been a widely discussed limitation of the Canon 7D and 5DMKII. This test was an attempt to see if that issue has been addressed in the new Canon 60D. The basic goal was to see how many consecutive videos the 60D could record before overheating.

Video: 1920x1080p/ 30fps (29.97) H.264
Mode: Automatic w/ "Tungsten" White Balance

Media: 8GB SanDisk Extreme Class 6 SDHC Cards

Procedure: Each video was recorded up to the 4.28GB file size limitation of the Fat32 formatting on the SD cards (approximately ~12min/ea.) Once the camera stopped recording, the SD card was replaced so that the video data could be transferred and so that the card could be allowed to cool. The SD card temperatures hovered around 100 degrees F after each recording.

The time between each recording was around 40-60 seconds, and gradually became faster as the procedure was refined during the course of testing. The card swap procedure basically went like this:

-Change the card number sign.
-Eject current card.
-Start transfer of current card data to computer.
-Insert and format new card.
-Start next recording.
-Take ambient and camera body temperature readings.

The camera body and ambient temperature readings were made with a Ryobi infrared thermometer.


The camera body temperature was taken by shooting the upper-right corner of the LCD bed, which after some trial and error turned out to be the hottest location on the camera.

The ambient temperature was taken by shooting the section of carpet directly beneath the tripod the camera was mounted on.

The IR thermometer was used for both camera body and ambient temp readings with the goal of standardizing the measurements across one device.

Some other notes from the test...

-The clock and lava lamp were included in the scene to provide continuous motion and to show continuity.
-Temperatures were taken at the beginning of each recording while keeping the infrared thermometer 1-2 inches from the test surface.
-During the test, the ambient temperature in the room was kept between 75-80 degrees.
-Each temperature reading was sampled 3X with highest measurement recorded.
-Sony Handycam temperature (used to record the 60D) peaked at around 110 Degrees.
-Each LP-E6 battery lasted approximately 11 or 12 videos, which equals about 140 minutes of recording.

Soundtrack: Timber by Grantby

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