I am scarred of little dolls. Especially if there is a little doll sitting in the middle of your room...staring into your soul. [SHRUGS]...oooofff...oh man, that is some spooky stuff. And to make it worse, little dolls that speak...NO JOKE!

The other day I had a talk with my friend about nightmarish things before starting on this project. And somehow, the topic of "CREEPY DOLLS in your grandmother's attic" came up. Come on, we all have grandparents who still keep them dolls from the World War II era, lying around their home. And as kids, we would be FREAKED out by them, especially at night with their haunting silhouettes! So with the deadline rapidly approaching, I allocated two days to knock out this...weird creepy entry...

I took some footage shot a while back from a 48-hour film project and stringed together the disturbing images. The background and foreground were color graded separately in order to distinguish the two. As for the animation, just used a good old fashion mirror for my reference and blocked in the keys. To push the "crazy head shake" even further, I made a duplicate layer and set the frame rate to 15 using the holomatrix plugin. The millisecond delay gave it the "ghosting static" effect. A lot of adjustment layers were used in order to target specific parts of the composition (and not just as a whole piece). As for sound, I recorded some friends and amped up the noise using Soundbooth. Also recorded "nightmare" like eight times, then tweaked each one separately to get that echo whisper creepy "OH MY GAAAAAAAAWWWD, I'm leaving this room" effect.

Connie 1.0 Rig by Chad Vernon (
Lighting, Animation, Materials - Maya 2010
Sound - Adobe Soundbooth
Footage - Sun-Ho Pak & Friends
Composited in After Effects CS4

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