this is still a preview cuz i wanna do more but this is what i handed in to my computer studies teacher. heres hoping i get an A+

this was the task
You are to produce a 1 minute music video of a suitable song chosen by you. The video is to be produced using video and still images taken by you and some downloaded from royalty free sources on the internet.

The steps of the project are as follows:

1. Choose a song and obtain permission from teacher.
2. Complete your Time Management Sheet and the storyboard.
3. Import your chosen song into Sony Vegas. Make adjustments using EQ, compression, reverb and ensure that volume adjustments, fades, panning and effects are used as necessary.
4. Once your video has been filmed and edited, perform an analysis of your video and provide details of the actions in the video and details of frame numbers, effects, transitions and other content for each section. A video analysis sheet can be copied from the common drive and used for this.
[P:\ICT\CM21 Audio Editing\Video\Anaysis.doc]
5. To produce your final product, adjust the settings so that you are able to accurately align the sound clips with the video frames. Note these settings on your analysis table.
6. Organise your project by presenting the audio tracks and video clips in an appropriate order and naming all tracks and clips used.
7. Write a list of all of the files actually used and compile a list of attributions.
8. Render the project as a wmv file using appropriate settings and completing the tags. Save this file in a special folder on H: named Cm21 Task 2[your surname].
9. Save the Vegas project file as a Sony Vegas file in the same folder on H: [No other files should be in this folder.]
10. Complete a bibliography of all resources.
11. Write an evaluation of the work that you have completed. Print this, attach it to this cover sheet and hand it in.

do you think i'll pass?

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