NUVE (Natural Ubiquitous Virtual Environment) is an artistic project, developed by Joao Martinho Moura (, that aims to explore the artistic possibilities offered by the digital dance performances in the interaction between the individual and his virtual double. In NUVE we conceptualized, developed and implemented a digital artifact, resulting in a fluid digital performance based on the theme of the analog body versus the digital virtual body.

The digital artifact is intended to create a virtual character, a virtual persona, or a virtual performer, which will interact with the real performer, aiming to explore new fields in the area of digital art.

The motivation for this project is to create a scenic spectacle driven by an interactive and generative digital artifact, designed to reveal the emergence of virtual characters, auto discovered and experienced in moments of artistic creation, exploring artificial extensions of what makes us human.

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Digital Art work under João Martinho Moura's thesis at the Master in Technology and Digital Arts, University of Minho, under the orientation of the supervisors: Né Barros, Adérito Marcos, Pedro Branco

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