Zack and I have been taking jabs at other for a few years now, so we decided to hit the streets of NYC when he in was in town. We've been talking quite a bit of smack at each other for the last few weeks, and it didn't stop during the shoot. LOL

Anyway - here's a fun BTS video of our afternoon out. Nothing but respect for Zack. You can see the results on our blogs:

Zack brought an actual working light sabre for our "fight". You can see more of it here:

I was using my new favorites - the LP160's:,14648.html

Both of shot with the 5DMII -

Me - 85mm 1.2, 50 1.2
Zack - 24-70, 70-200

I think this will be an annual event, can't wait for next year!

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