There comes a time in everyones life when they need to evolve and grow through present limitations. Limitations from fears and out dated beliefs. If one does not take the steps to evolve on their own, Nature sends in The Hag to awaken the person. She comes in the form of terror. The persons worse fears become real to life. These can be supressed fears from childhood or adulthood. They can be old held belief systems that inhibit ones freedom such as prejudices. She can come as fire, mudslides, death of a loved one, enemies, injuries, etc..
She comes, often, when someones ego is stuck in the "Too Good" phase. When you're living for everyone else and not honoring your own deepest needs and creative desires. When you're not speaking your truths.
Or if you are involved with unhealthy people that are hurting you and because of your relationship with your parents you gravitate to these certain types.
Her wake-up slap is hard. But it works.
There is no stopping this process once she has found you. One must meet her and face their fears.
She's relentless.
I have experienced her wrath so many times. It's the worse experience I've ever had-each one. But I grew, I grew and shed my old belief patterns and opened up to so much more.
Still, I never want to meet with her again, it's devastating.
That's why it is so much better to choose, openly choose to grow. To move forward. To let new experiences into your life.
Even if you are blind to your problems that inhibit your growth, have a open mind to new experiences. Let them in. I know that softens her blows.

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